HR Services

Outsourcing Services

Newanky has worked with companies across the globe in maximizing their business goals. Whether it is providing transcription services to a small medical center or taking up engineering services for a large manufacturing organization, our breadth and depth of outsourcing experience has resulted in several long term customer partnerships. Almost 60% of our business comes from repeat customers.

Here is a breakdown of the services that we offer -
  1. Call center services
  2. Data entry services
  3. Transcription services
  4. Engineering services
  5. Healthcare BPO
  6. Finance and Accounting services
  7. Software development services
  8. Photo editing
  9. Research & Analysis
  10. Creative Design
  11. Web Analytics
Outsourcing services for states in India

We have worked with different regions in the India and are fully aware of the culture that exists in the different parts of India. More so, our flexible shift system allows us to work seamlessly and serve the various time zones that exist.

Outsourcing from Karnataka

We have worked on several projects with companies in Karnataka. Our most notable ones have been in the areas of - Engineering services and in Analysis services.

Outsourcing from Andhra Pradesh

Andhra Pradesh has given us successful relationships with companies who have outsourced their bookkeeping and other finance and accounting services.

Outsourcing from Tamilnadu

We have experience in dealing with companies from Tamilnadu and surrounding regions. Many have used our call center services to maximize their customer relationships.

Outsourcing from Telangana

Though Telangana has been relatively low in outsourcing, we have had very fruitful partnerships working in high end outsourcing services.

Outsourcing from Kerala

Kerala has helped Flatworld grow from just another outsourcing vendor to establishing key partnerships worldwide with a plethora of IT and ITES companies..

Outsourcing from Delhi

We've had experience on working with several media and film companies providing services such as transcription, media editing and software development.

Outsourcing from Maharashtra

Maharashtra has been a revelation in terms of the huge number of partnerships that we've had with companies who have partnered with us for their accounting needs. We have also provided large scale finance and accounting services to firms across Las Vegas.

Outsourcing from Gujarath

We have worked with several healthcare firms as well as IT firms from Gujarath

Outsourcing from Madhya Pradesh

Madhya Pradesh is one of the key cities that we've worked with. A large base of our customers comes from Houston and other cities from Texas.

Benefits of Outsourcing Technology

Reasons for outsourcing

Control operating costs

Derive the benefits of lower labor costs in countries like India. Processes outsourced to these locations are done at much lower rates and at the same quality levels as in the donor location. This translates into major cost savings for companies. They also save on operational costs such as payroll, administrative costs, HR, power, rentals, and utilities.

Lower infrastructure investments

Cut back drastically on expensive infrastructure requirements. State-of-the-art IT systems, customer service call centers and technical helpdesks result in heavy investments to companies. Keep your costs low by outsourcing these functions.

Focus on core functions

Focus on your core competencies. Redirect your organization's internal resources toward mission-critical activities. By outsourcing functions such as transcription, medical billing, and claims processing, healthcare practices can get their focus back on their primary concern - their patients

Steps of Outsourcing Strategy

Define Outsourcing goals

Clearly outline the outsourcing objectives, step-by-step, can allow to select the right staff augmentation model. Take time to understand the pros and cons of outsourcing.

Plan a Budget

Work on supplemental staffing plan, finding the right balance between affordability and expected results while also identifying possible hidden costs.

Choose Outsourcing model

By defining the technical or creative expertise to be added, Managerial teams can choose an outsourcing model that matches staffing requirements.

Address Outsourcing Risks

By understanding and addressing these risks, financial exposure can be reduced, while increasing the efficiency of the selected outsourcing model.

Track Outsourcing Progress

By measuring the benefits and progress of the selected outsourcing model, corrective steps can be implemented if staffing expectations aren't being met.

Strong Client Relationships

Take the time to learn about a client’s internal business culture, will be building the foundation to a relationship that enhances good communication.